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In our more than ten years in the industry, we have learned that the secret of success for an event is a team of hostesses and hosts who are professional, used to working together, and there to help the client by being at their guests’ service in every way. We can proudly say that we have seen every possible hostess/host need in this growing market.

Our most popular services:

Formal events and ceremonies

We are experts at handling formal events: for government and corporate clients, we have hosts and hostesses who have specialized in formal ceremonies. In addition to elegant presentation and behavior appropriate to the event, we place great emphasis on the unique requirements of the event in question and its security rules.

Press conferences

At press conferences and press events, our colleagues will welcome arriving participants, quickly and politely handle the registration of representatives of the press, and help with microphone usage throughout the event.


Whether it’s a one-day or multi-day conference, our colleagues will be present throughout, from the preparation through the end of the event, and are ready to assist with any problems that may arise.

Children’s Entertainer

Our hostesses and hosts are experienced entertainers of children and adults at sports events and fun competitions. Our chief aim is to make sure guests have a good time! The members of our team paint faces, judge contests, and organize competitions according to clients’ unique needs!

Domestic and Foreign Expos and Exhibitions

We can confidently say that our team holds its own at any event, whether in Hungary or abroad. We register and welcome guests, help book rooms at hotels, give out information about the schedule for the event, distribute interpretation equipment – in a word, we do everything to satisfy both guests and organizers.


On your big day we will warmly welcome guests, we’ll pay attention to the ring bearer pillow, serve champagne, and ensure that no possible problems can arise at the event. We are happy to work at both civil and external locations.


since 2005

Apple PS Hostess agency

Our company, the Apple PS Hostess ügynökség / Apple PS Hostess Agency has been in the dynamically developing event organization market since 2005. Our goal is to meet all possible hostess/host needs that may arise at the highest possible level. We know that the secret to a good event is a professional and proactive hostess/host team that is used to working together to help guests and to be at their service in every way.
Our staff consists of more than 3000 individuals, and our clients can choose from this rich selection according to their individual needs and the type of event and the kind of hostess- and host- team that will be most suitable for it. Due to the requirements of the work and staff applying with relevant qualifications in this sector, we work primarily with younger, clean, well-groomed, and very well-presented hostesses and attractive hosts who are also all ready to meet the challenges of the role with the correct personality traits, superlative communication skills, empathy, stamina, and patience.
We can proudly say that every year we receive more and more requests for ever more prestigious events, TV appearances, and promotions. We are in touch with numerous companies in Hungary and abroad, and many members of ours staff who speak foreign languages have worked with us at events abroad.
Our agency’s permanent partner is the László Papp Budapest Sports Arena. Through our long cooperation, all the necessary hosts/hostesses for all of the concerts, sports events, performances, and exhibitions are now provided by Apple PS Hostess Agency. This is a serious responsibility, but also a superlative reference and competitive advantage compared with our competition.
Since March, 2015 the Groupama Arena is also our permanent partner, and so we provide the VIP hostesses / hosts for the FTC domestic football matches, as well as the team to help fan activity and to provide Cashless payment solutions, in addition we also help with entrance at the gates.












News and events


Charity bake sale

On december 16, 2018, our hostesses participated in a charity baking sale at the Advent Feast at the Basilica. At the Road to the Smile Foundation’s […]

Christmas event with our hostesses

Two hostesses welcomed the guests at the Christmas celebration on December 4 at the Tama Restaurant in the 5th district. The girls main tasks included the […]

Porsche jubilee gala

Porsche awarded her employees a jubilee at the end of the year where our hostesses welcomed and registered the arrivals. The girls shared gift packages and […]

Heineken promotion with the Apple PS team

On November 23, 2018, at the II. National TABAK EXPO our team tasting beer to the guests of the event. The task of our team was […]

The Apple PS Hostess Agency team participated in communications training in Kecskemét

From February 21-23, 2016, the Apple PS Hostess Agency team participated in communications training in Kecskemét led by DFT Hungaria. The three days passed intensely, during […]

Nearly 200 of our hostesses and 5 of our coordinators helped

On February 11 and February 14, 2016, the László Papp Budapest Sports Arena hosted the Olympic Ice Skating elimination match. Nearly 200 of our hostesses and […]

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